A Class Powder Coating

Aiming High

At R&M Metal Finishing, we proudly provide a diverse range of A-class automotive powder coating services. Offering the highest levels of performance.

We have worked with a variety of projects all over the country. Therefore, we truly understand the importance of quality when it comes to powder coating applications. This is why we have invested heavily in our facilities and processes over the years.

As a result, you can rely on us on to deliver the excellence that your projects and applications deserve.

Powder Coating Benefits

  • Provides components/surfaces with a layer of protection against corrosion, scratches, and chippings.
  • More environmentally friendly than traditional “wet” paints.
  • Can achieve a uniform coverage.
  • Highly durable.
  • Easy to maintain.

We are an IATF 16949 accredited company. Therefore, we take pride in maintaining a high standard of powder coating. Not just for our automotive powder coating customers, but for everyone who comes to us.

Commercial Powder Coating

How Do We Do It?

So that we can maintain our reputation for being one of the most reputable A class powder coating companies in the UK, we have set procedures that allow us to deliver high-quality solutions.

1. Pretreatment

To begin with, components or parts that need to be powder coated will enter the ‘dual cleaning zone’. As part of the pretreatment process, this zone accommodates many differing cleaning requirements. Especially for all the different parts that may need cleaning beforehand. Pretreatment is a vital aspect of powder coating. This is because it ensures that the surface is clean and free from dirt, residue, or existing treatments. It provides a clean surface to powder coat onto.

Without pretreatment, the powder coat may not adhere properly to the surface. It can therefore have a negative impact on the coating’s performance and lifespan. Additionally, creating a uniform coating all over the component can be tricker with a surface that has not gone through pre-treatment first. Our ‘dual cleaning’ section gives the operators the process controls to dial in the specific treatment required, to support ‘just in time’ production associated with the automotive supply chain.

2. Enhancing Corrosion Resistance

The second part of the process is the wholly unique system developed by R&M Metal Finishing. It is the inclusion of a TriCat Zinc Phosphate on a continuous line. This enhances the corrosion resistance performance. It has been specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of one of the major Japanese OEMs that we work with. This world-class solution has allowed us to evolve and expand quickly, with the ability to be able to support other OEMs that have similar requirements.

3. Curing

The final and highly significant line of our powder coating process line is the ‘dual zone’ cure oven. This facilitates the curing of both heavy and light gauge materials at constant production rates. This ensures the consistency of both pre-treatment and powder coating conditions. Therefore, as a result, optimises all aspects of the product quality.

What Size Items Can Be Powder Coated?

The envelope size for our workshop is 2.4m length by 1.3m Height by 400mm Depth.

What Is A Class Powder Coating? 

A Class powder coating is the highest quality of automotive powder coating, that also ensures a high aesthetic standard too. Often known as ‘eye level’ powder coating, it is a standard common requirement by the automotive industry. A major factor that sells a car is its’ aesthetics, so, manufacturers need a surface coating that is going to catch the eye of those visiting a showroom. The level of coating leaves no room for imperfections or defects, it has to achieve a perfectly smooth, clean finish. The coating that achieves this is an A Class powder coating.

How Do You Know It’s An A Class Powder Coating? 

Aside from looking at the result of the powder coating delivered, a good way to gauge whether a powder coating company can deliver an A class powder coating is by looking at their accreditations. Here at R&M Metal Finishing, we take pride in offering certified A class powder coating services which are reflected in our accreditations. We are proud to have an internationally recognised IATF 16949 accreditation. This certification  alone demonstrates our commitment to delivering quality coatings throughout the supply chain.

Who Uses A Class Automotive Powder Coating Services?

We have helped countless OEMs achieve their goals of flawless aesthetics for their cars. From Bentley to Aston Martin, our A class automotive powder coating services have been in use on many car parts to create picture perfect cars that sell straight from the showroom. 

What Is The Turnaround Time For A Class Powder Coating? 

The turnaround time for A class powder coating of course depends on the quantity of automotive parts that you need to powder coat. However, as a general rule of thumb, with our standard gloss black finish powder coat, we often offer a three day turnaround. 

What Types Of Finishes And Colours Are Available? 

When it comes to the automotive sector, we can accommodate most colours within the RAL chart. We can also account for varying gloss levels – from low levels such as 30% all the way up to 100%. Our most common gloss level finish that people ask us to achieve is at around 70%. 

How Much Does A Class Powder Coating Cost? 

There is no set price on powder coating services due to the fact that each service will be completely bespoke to the individual project. Some automotive parts may require pre-treatments too, which – depending on the scale of the project – will also increase the cost. We have a variety of tanks and different process lines that will be in use in accordance with the powder coating service being provided. We tailor everything around the needs of the parts we are coating. In addition, we will quote based on what each service must entail in order to deliver A Class automotive powder coating. 

Flexible Approach

At R&M Metal Finishing Ltd, we are committed to providing A-Class powder coating services to meet a vast assortment of applications and requirements. We do this by ensuring our processes and procedures are thorough. As well as, flexible and pioneered to meet the highest of standards.

We can also make sure our powder coating solutions are backed with powerful and long-standing performances every time.

R&M Metal Finishing

By going the extra mile with our powder coating services, we set out to achieve A-Class automotive powder coating with each and every project we take on board.

Want more information about our processes?
Get in touch today by calling 01384 266022 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.


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