The Different Types Of Automotive Surface Finishing

When it comes to automotive surface finishing, a range of solutions are available. From attaining textures such as matte to ensuring a car is given a coating that holds longevity. It’s essential to understand the different types of finishes before deciding on a solution for your next job.

Powder coating alters a metal’s surface to be durable, consistent and faultless. As renowned powder coating specialists, we understand the importance of up-keeping a level of quality throughout every application. With nearly 20 years of experience in the powder coating trade for the auto sector, we have perfected our processes to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

Find out more about the different types of surface finishes for the auto sector and why powder coating should be your first choice.

Types Of Finishes

Auto Paint

Waterborne and solvent-borne are the two types of auto paint available. Both types are actively used on cars, but the solvent type is the most comm. Solvent borne paint, also known as spray paint, offers a quick fix on surfaces. However, like any paint, wear & tear and compatibility with extreme weather and other general conditions are minimal.

Standard paints underperform when in contact with extreme temperatures. This is due to the heat an engine generates, resulting in flaking. Additionally, stones and other debris on the road can easily chip the surface, and weather conditions such as rain and snow can quickly fade automotive paint.


Electroplating is another automotive surface finish option. What are the benefits of electroplating? It is known for improving durability and reducing corrosion susceptibility on metal surfaces. While this protection, alongside its aim of optimising an automobiles’ appearance is beneficial, it’s very wasteful in both materials and time.

Not only is electroplating equipment costly itself, but the waste generated during the process isn’t easily disposed of. In addition, it poses health risks, as well as damage to the environment. Lastly, it is a very time-consuming method that most auto garages avoid.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is an advanced metal surface finishing technique that is rapid and effective in supporting the optimum performance of vehicles. Our latest electrostatic powder coating production line technology allows us to adhere to large volumes of applications. Therefore, ensuring a reduction of waste and the consistency is met throughout.

Our three-step powder coating production programme is designed to ensure all areas of vehicles are attended to. How long does powder coating on vehicles last? Its powerful properties derive from a chemical reaction caused throughout the curing process. This reaction accomplishes complete permanency in results.

This permanent outcome of the powder coating production process concludes in a flawless appearance that’s robust and resistant to high temperatures and scratches. Not to mention, its durability supports results in being long-lasting. Powder coating is one of the most sought-after and efficient metal surface finishing techniques today for the auto sector.

And it’s one that’ll give you and your clients peace of mind that vehicles will stay looking and performing optimally for years to come.

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Powder Coating For The Auto Sector

If you’re interested in how we can achieve unmatchable powder coating results for the auto sector, get in touch with our helpful team today. Call us on 01384266022, and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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